The Farmer's Library: The Book

Small Farm Equipment
117pp, wire-bound

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The Library’s first release is Small Farm Equipment, covering many facets of equipment use and maintenance on the small- to mid-size farm. Topics include the following:

Shop tools The book is written to be accessible and straightforward—detailed, yet broad enough for the variety of skills needed on the diversified farm. Clear illustrations of tools, parts, and equipment are provided throughout the text.

Small Farm Equipment offers various benefits to daily farm work: Reduce downtime from non-operational equipment. Learn common terminology to better communicate with mechanics and service personnel. Improve the quality of on-farm repairs with the proper tools and methods. Stay aware of safety and working standards on the small farm.

Small irrigation pump If you’re new to farm work, Small Farm Equipment offers a valuable introduction to equipment and safety. If you’re already experienced in farm work, the book offers plenty of tips often overlooked—as well as reminders of how to stay healthy and safe during challenging tasks. For farm owners and managers, consider using Small Farm Equipment as a basis for on-farm training.

About the author
Jon Magee has worked for vegetable farms in the Northeast since 2007. In 2012 he started The Farmer’s Library to offer educational resources for farmers.

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